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Enjoying Holi (festival of colour) in Goa, India – March 2016


About FlipFlops in the Sun


FlipFlops in the Sun is a travel blog focusing on providing the real picture about destinations in Asia, offering guidance through experience, sometimes with personal references and sometimes only facts; with the aim to inspire fellow travel lovers to explore destinations and even in some cases opt for an alternative lifestyle by travelling long term (i.e; Digital Nomads)


Audience Description


Our followers include those interested in:

  • Flashpacking  (travel with a slightly higher budget, prefer comfort, more technology, and usually a slightly older demographic than backpackers)
  • Adventure and Outdoors Activities
  • New Experiences
  • Long Term Travel
  • World Culture
  • Couple Travel
  • Honeymooners


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New Launches 

Other Travel related endeavours!


Invite us to experience a unique activity, to spend time on a tour, a night at your accommodation or to enjoy a meal at your restaurant. We will create and share our experience through our words, photos and videos on our website and social media, spreading the word to our followers.

Send us a message and we can work out a deal that is mutually beneficial.

We will work with you to ensure that you offer the best experience and service so that we can share this, and further promote you to future customers. Please note that we will always give our honest opinion and disclose that the experience is sponsored in order to maintain a trustworthy relationship with our readers.


Collaborations & Partnerships


We are better together!


We’d love to partner up with fellow bloggers, photographers, related travel websites and other travel services.

If you have partnership ideas to enhance readers knowledge of destinations, products, or services, we’d love to hear from you!


Partnership ideas could include:


Content Syndication

Do you think our blog is a good match for your travel related website? If you think so, but also have new ideas on what you would like us to write about, please get in touch as we could work something out.  Click on the logo below to see our posts.


We are already working with:




Collaborative Posts

We could write an article for your blog or website to further enhance existing content, or you could do this for us!


Guest Posting

You could contribute to our blog with a relevant article. There are so many great travel blogs out there. Why not help each other grow stronger with new content. Maybe you have been to a destination we haven’t, or vice versa?

If you are a travelling Photographer, but don’t have anywhere to post your amazing images, other than social media, we’d love to host them on our blog! We’d fully credit you and promote your social media page (even help you to set one up if you don’t already have one!)


Sponsored Destination & Resort Visits

Same as an exchange; we will promote your service to our blog followers, including Social Media, as a result of trying out your service!


Social Media Campaigns

My background and experience is in Digital Marketing, so I can either offer a consulting service or the full works; manage social pages, set up an ad campaign and launch.

With over 10 years experience working in the marketing industry, both for media and ad agencies, I can help promote your site or business. Another string to my bow is a Squared Digital Marketing Certificate (Google Partnership Course)


Sponsored Posts

You may only want some guidance or the job done for you; either way we can help!


If you are interested in any of the above, please email us here